Health Insurance

All students must have Health Insurance while enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre.

Saskatchewan Health

Saskatchewan Health Card
Saskatchewan Health Card

Students with a valid study permit are eligible for Saskatchewan Health Insurance. To apply for Saskatchewan Health you will need:

  • a copy of your Passport
  • a copy of your valid Study Permit
  • Your current Saskatoon address and contact information

Saskatchewan Health Card provides basic health coverage

Saskatchewan Health WILL PAY Saskatchewan Health WON'T PAY
- Visits to a doctor - Medicines and prescriptions
- Hospital treatment in an emergency - Ambulance service
- Maternity care - Dental care
- Health care in any province or territory in Canada - Eye exams
- Glasses or contact lenses
- Some vaccinations
- Services like massage therapy or acupuncture

To apply/renew your Saskatchewan Health Insurance or for more information, visit eHealth (online) or go to the Activities Office (Room 344).

Health Cards

Guard.Me Health Insurance

Guard.Me Insurance

If you do not qualify for Saskatchewan Health, or if you would like additional health coverage we suggest that you buy additional insurance from Guard.Me. This company provides quality health coverage designed for international students. For $2.00 per day, you receive the following coverage:

- Choice of any doctor or hospital - Covered excursion travel
- Ground or air ambulance service - Accidental death or dismemberment coverage
- X-ray, laboratory, and diagnostic testing - Air evacuation or repatriation as required
- Prescription medication - Family transportation and subsistence allowance if you are in hospital
- Limited emergency Dental care

Please go to the Main Office (Room 232) to purchase this insurance.

Health Centres (on campus)

There are many services available for you at the University of Saskatchewan.

Health Care Resources

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