Free read and write software

  • Software to help you with your reading, writing, studying & research
  • Free download to any device
  • Hear text aloud
  • Search picture dictionaries
  • Predictive word support
  • And more

Free Windows 10 upgrade

Login with your NSID & password


As a USLC student, download and install Word, PowerPoint and Excel for free.

  • Log in to your PAWS account
  • On the left, click on "Apps and Services"
  • In search bar, type "micr"
  • Click on "Microsoft Student Advantage"
  • Follow instructions


Free Wifi

If you have a U of S NSID and password, choose "UofS-Secure".

  • If you cannot remember your password, go to "" and select "forgot password"
    • OR
  • You can ask USLC Library staff to retrieve your NSID and get a password for you.
  • The link below will require you to log in to continue reading.

If you do not have a U of S NSID and password, choose "UofS-Public".

This network is less secure, so be careful what you do.



How to Print, Copy or Scan

  1. Printing and copying will cost money. Buy credits at the USLC Library
    • bring your Student Card
    • bring your NSID
    • pay with cash or credit card
      • $5.00 = 50 pages
      • the money you pay goes into your CPAS account
      • credits do not expire
  2. Print at USLC or at many locations on campus
  3. Scanning is free

USLC Printers

  • Student Lounge (near computers & Library)
    • prints black and white only
  • Computer Lab (Room 339)
    • prints black and white only

University Printers

Tech Safety


This is the University's personal safety app. Get information about what to do, and where to go for support.

Need help?

See Chris in the library OR