Host International students who are learning English as a second language and are attending the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre.

The University of Saskatchewan Language Centre Homestay Program provides opportunities for people from different languages and cultures to live and learn together.

Contracts for Homestay Families hosting students:
    • Contracts updated regularly

When our students request homestay accommodations, they are essentially looking for a home away from home. They want to live in a safe and comfortable family environment as they develop their English-speaking skills and familiarize themselves with Canadian culture.

Who can host

When we recruit host families, we are looking for home environments where we know our students will feel secure and welcome, with sensitivity shown toward their culture and individuality.

  • Singles, couples, retired people and young families with children are welcome.
  • Ideal homestay families live within a 30 to 60 minute direct bus ride from the University of Saskatchewan.

What you provide

As a homestay family you will be expected to provide:

  • a safe, comfortable and friendly home environment
  • a private, furnished room and fire coded windows
  • three meals a day and snacks
  • a family life where students are involved in activities and outings
  • airport pickup
  • English that is spoken in the home at all times when the student is present


While it is important that our homestay families are compensated, we have learned through experience that if people are in it only for the money, it simply doesn’t work. Homestay is more than just renting a room—it’s about inviting someone into your life.

Compensation is $27 per day per student or $1,971 per term as of January 1, 2018.


Before accepting a student into your home, ask yourself and your family these questions:

  1. Will we be at home for the duration of the student’s stay?
    For short-term special programs, homestay families must be in town for the entire duration of the program. For long-term placements, exceptions can be made, but only through consultation with University of Saskatchewan Language Centre Homestay staff.

  2. Is my family flexible enough to accept a foreign student with language and cultural differences?
    Keep in mind that language and culture are not right or wrong—they’re just different.

  3. How many students can concurrently live in our home?
    It is our policy to place a maximum of two students per family. If you have time and space to accommodate three students, please discuss options with our Homestay staff. Keep in mind that three student placements per family are exceptional. Very few families successfully meet the additional requirements.

  4. Does our household insurance cover us if we are hosting students?
    Talk to your insurance broker to learn more.

Placement procedures

International students are extensively screened during their visa application process by the Canadian Government. To meet criteria set by Languages Canada, students can only be placed with homestay families if and when their file is complete.

The University of Saskatchewan Language Centre Homestay Office will send you a profile for each new student and provides students with basic information about their assigned family and contact information. 

You will be asked to contact assigned students by email before they arrive and get to know them in advance. You must confirm the flight information directly with the student. This also helps our students and their families feel more comfortable about their new situation in a new country.


For the safety and security of our international students, criminal record checks are conducted for everyone in a homestay family who is over the age of 18. 


Housing Program
University of Saskatchewan Language Centre
Room 232 RJD Williams Building, 221 Cumberland Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK  S7N 1M3, Canada

To set up a home visit, email uslc.housing@usask.ca or call 306.966.5915.