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Located in the Williams Building on Cumberland Ave., the USLC is home to welcoming staff ready to help you.

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University of Saskatchewan Language Centre Main Office

221 Cumberland Ave. N., Saskatoon, SK CANADA S7N 1M3

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Student Advisor

Have issues and/or questions about personal matters, health, academics, finances, program policies, or transitioning to university? Our Advisor is always ready to chat with you. Drop in or make an appointment at the Main Office (Room 232).

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International Special Programs

Through long-standing partnerships, we cooperate with schools, universities, companies, and other organizations to offer Special Group Programs throughout the year. These programs are specifically designed to incorporate English study with professional or academic interest experiences.

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Activities Program

Make connections with international and Canadian students, get involved in university and community events, improve your English communication skills, and experience Canadian culture. The Activities Program is an encouraging language-learning environment, and a hub for social and cultural experience! Join the Activities! Join the Fun!

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Housing Office

A homestay family provides a safe, English-speaking environment where you can adapt to Canadian life and improve your English. Statistics prove that your pass rate improves by living with a Homestay family.