What is U-Bridge?

The University of Saskatchewan Language Centre (USLC) offers you the opportunity to take courses while continuing to improve your language proficiency.

U-Bridge has two levels (U-Bridge 1 and U-Bridge 2), and each level has two parts:

  • An ESL class to help you develop the language skills for your future university studies:
    • Lecture note-taking
    • Reading academic articles
    • Writing term papers
    • Giving presentations
  • A university course where you earn university credit:
    • The instructor attends the credit class with you to fully support and integrate your experience.
    • The textbook, lectures, and assignments from the academic class become the materials for language instruction.

This unique structure helps you be successful at university while speeding up language learning.

Jiao, Hui (May) talks about her experience with the U-Bridge Program
Also, you have access to:

How U-Bridge Applies to Your Degree

U-Bridge classes count toward the electives that are required for all undergraduate degrees.

In addition, in U-Bridge you earn university credit for your ESL studies.

Arts and Science, Agriculture and Bioresources, Edwards School of Business - up to 9 credit units

  • U-Bridge 1 students receive 3 credit units for ANTH 111
  • U-Bridge 2 students receive 6 credit units (3 credit units for SOC 112 + 3 credit units for ESL)

Engineering - 3 credit units

Engineering students can take either U-Bridge 1 or U-Bridge 2 to earn a total of 3 credit units toward their degree.

Term Dates

Winter Term - January to April

Spring Term - May to July

Fall Term - September to December

U-Bridge 1

In addition to ESL classes, U-Bridge 1 students will attend:

ANTH 111.3 - One World Many Peoples Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This credit class is particularly interesting to international students as it helps explain their own language development and acclimatization to Canada.

Students will learn about:
  • What culture is and how it can change over time
  • The causes, both positive and negative, of cultural change
  • The development of culture and language around the world

International students have opportunities to share their stories with Canadian students, who may not have much travel experience.

* * Students conditionally accepted to the Edwards School of Business may qualify for a special U-Bridge 1 class that pairs with COMM 101.3. If you have any questions, please contact the U-Bridge Coordinator.

U-Bridge 2

In addition to ESL classes, U-Bridge 2 students will attend:

SOC 112.3 - Foundations in Sociology: Society, Structure and Process

This credit class looks at the organization of society and explains group behaviour. It is particularly interesting for anyone whose future career may involve the public or business.

Students will learn about:
  • How institutions (government, education, health care, etc.) help society function
  • Inequality and power structures
  • Globalization and other influences

International students learn about Canadian society and come to understand the culture of the country more deeply.

Your Instructors

U-Bridge 1

Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell, B.S.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Craig has been an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre since 2003 and has been teaching U-Bridge since 2014. Before starting at the USLC, he had positions in teaching, research, counselling, and administration. Craig enjoys working with his students in the smaller class sizes and helping them succeed as independent learners.

Craig: “It’s very fulfilling to see students make such remarkable improvements in their English fluency and become comfortable in their new university environment.”

U-Bridge 2

Lisa Krol
Lisa Krol, M.Ed., U-Bridge Coordinator

Lisa Krol started teaching English as a Second Language in 2000. She completed her Master's thesis on the common problems Chinese students encounter in reading English. Her thesis work led to publishing a teaching manual for phonics/reading instruction. In addition to her time in the U-Bridge classroom, Lisa has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and regularly contributes to ESL teacher education.

Lisa: "University is hard. When English is not your first language, it is terrifying. U-Bridge reaches out a hand to guide you over the scary part and reveal the student that you might become!"

Become a U-Bridge Student

Go to the Main Office (Room 232 - Williams Building) to register for U-Bridge.

Tuition and Fees


For any questions, please contact Lisa Krol (U-Bridge Coordinator), or the USLC Main Office (Room 232 - Williams Building - (306)966-4351).