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Free TOEFL Study

EdX offers a 6 week introductory course to preparing for the TOEFL test. 

You will learn how to prepare for, find resources for, and use the TOEFL test.


University of Victoria ESL Study Zone
  • upper beginner to advanced
  • lessons, exercises
University of Ottawa Writing Centre - HyperGrammar
  • advanced
  • electronic grammar course
Online English Grammar Book
  • grammar tutorials & reference tools
  • complete index of grammar topics
English Page
  • this website is like an online textbook - grammar lessons, tutorials and exercises


Pulse of the Planet - The Sound of Life on Earth
  • real spoken English
  • two-minute interviews or articles, downloadable or playable from web browser
  • transcripts available
  • international topics
  • expanded stories with images and/or video
English Listening
  • real spoken English
  • requires subscription
  • British and American English
English Language Listening Library Online (ELLLO)
  • high beginner to advanced
  • natural conversations, newscasts, songs, music and lyrics
  • practice grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading in chunks and common slang and idioms
My English Pages - Listening
  • intermediate to advanced
  • study materials, lessons, exercises, songs
  • comprehension tests


Expand your vocabulary!

Saskatoon Public Library - for ESL Learners (SPL)
  • FREE - ask USLC Library staff for help, and to apply for SPL library card
  • read books, newspapers and magazines
  • find events, materials, information
  • join a conversation group
SPL Digital Resources
  • FREE - ask USLC Library staff for help, and to apply for SPL library card
  • e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines - simple English for adults or children
  • stream movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, instructional videos, also on your mobile device
English as a Second Language
  • beginner to intermediate
  • free short essays - listen and read
  • topics include cultural traditions in America
Open Culture
  • free cultural and educational media
  • e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, movies (some with transcripts)
  • download on your computer or mobile device

Speaking & Pronunciation

VOA Learning English
  • Beginner to intermediate
  • American English - current news stories
  • lessons on speaking (record your voice, practice pronunciation), vocabulary, writing
  • includes transcripts
  • for students and teachers
Sounds of English
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • American English
  • similar to "Pronunciation Power" in USLC Computer Lab
  • improve your pronunciation, stress, intonation, spelling, reading


  • sign up for a free account
  • access and practice vocabulary - games, exercises, quizzes
  • find vocabulary sets created by teachers
  • listen to pronunciation, use flashcards and other practice materials
  • download the free app at the App Store or Google Play
New General Service List (NGSL)
  • most common general English words
  • available on Quizlet
New Academic Word List (NAWL)
  • most common academic English words
  • available on Quizlet
NGSL and NAWL with definitions in many languages
  • download a spreadsheet with the English words and definitions in Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish


U of S Writing Help
  • free for U of S students, graduate or undergraduate
  • online tutoring, writing workshops, drop-in tutoring
  • reference managers (Refworks, Endnote, etc.), writing & style guides, workshops
Elemental English - Writing Harvard Guide to Using Sources
  • how to make a clear, effective argument and avoid plagiarism
University of Toronto Writing Advice Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • free help
  • contains a special section with exercises for ESL students

Applications & Software

New General Service Word List (NGSL) app or New Academic Word List (NAWL) app
  • Free apps using NGSL and NAWL
  • English version - words and definitions in English only
  • Japanese and Thai versions - words in English, instructions in Japanese/Thai
  • download the free app at the App Store or Google Play
  • sign up for a free account
  • search and create vocabulary lists for themes (ex. biology, business)
  • find vocabulary sets created by teachers
  • listen to pronunciation, use flashcards and other practice materials
  • play games
  • Mind mapping tool for brainstorming & organizing ideas
  • Mac OS, iOS & Android
  • many languages supported
  • Kindergarten to Grade 5, but useful for adults
  • over 400 leveled reader e-books
  • listen, read, record
  • available on mobile devices


Cambridge Learner's Dictionary
  • simple definitions
  • real examples
  • ideal for intermediate learners
  • hear in British and American English

Oxford Learner's Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app for iOS

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app for Android

Oxford Language Terminology - dictionary of words used to talk about grammar and other language aspects