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Bridging Program

Take a University class while finishing your EAP program.

Find more information here.

Free TOEFL Study

EdX offers a FREE 6 week introductory course to preparing for the TOEFL test. 

You will learn how to prepare for, find resources for, and use the TOEFL test.

You can buy a TOEFL app to help you prepare for the TOEFL test.

CanTEST Preparation

The Language Centre offers CanTEST testing sessions four times a year. You can buy the study kit and practice tests at the Language Centre when you register. Find more information here.

You can buy the same preparation material here.


University of Victoria ESL Study Zone
  • upper beginner to advanced
  • lessons, exercises
University of Ottawa Writing Centre - HyperGrammar
  • advanced
  • electronic grammar course
Online English Grammar Book
  • grammar tutorials & reference tools
  • complete index of grammar topics
English Page
  • this website is like an online textbook - grammar lessons, tutorials and exercises


Pulse of the Planet - The Sound of Life on Earth
  • real spoken English
  • two-minute interviews or articles, downloadable or playable from web browser
  • transcripts available
  • international topics
  • expanded stories with images and/or video
English Listening
  • real spoken English
  • requires subscription
  • British and American English
English Language Listening Library Online (ELLLO)
  • high beginner to advanced
  • natural conversations, newscasts, songs, music and lyrics
  • practice grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading in chunks and common slang and idioms
My English Pages - Listening
  • intermediate to advanced
  • study materials, lessons, exercises, songs
  • comprehension tests


Expand your vocabulary!

Saskatoon Public Library - for ESL Learners (SPL)
  • FREE - ask USLC Library staff for help, and to apply for SPL library card
  • read books, newspapers and magazines
  • find events, materials, information
  • join a conversation group
SPL Digital Resources
  • FREE - ask USLC Library staff for help, and to apply for SPL library card
  • e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines - simple English for adults or children
  • stream movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, instructional videos, also on your mobile device
English as a Second Language
  • beginner to intermediate
  • free short essays - listen and read
  • topics include cultural traditions in America
Open Culture
  • free cultural and educational media
  • e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, movies (some with transcripts)
  • download on your computer or mobile device

Speaking & Pronunciation

VOA Learning English
  • Beginner to intermediate
  • American English - current news stories
  • lessons on speaking (record your voice, practice pronunciation), vocabulary, writing
  • includes transcripts
  • for students and teachers
Sounds of English
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • American English
  • similar to "Pronunciation Power" in USLC Computer Lab
  • improve your pronunciation, stress, intonation, spelling, reading


  • sign up for a free account
  • access and practice vocabulary - games, exercises, quizzes
  • find vocabulary sets created by teachers
  • listen to pronunciation, use flashcards and other practice materials
  • download the free app at the App Store or Google Play
New General Service List (NGSL)
  • most common general English words
  • available on Quizlet
New Academic Word List (NAWL)
  • most common academic English words
  • available on Quizlet
NGSL and NAWL with definitions in many languages
  • download a spreadsheet with the English words and definitions in Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish


U of S Writing Help
  • free for U of S students, graduate or undergraduate
  • online tutoring, writing workshops, drop-in tutoring
  • reference managers (Refworks, Endnote, etc.), writing & style guides, workshops
Elemental English - Writing Harvard Guide to Using Sources
  • how to make a clear, effective argument and avoid plagiarism
University of Toronto Writing Advice Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • free help
  • contains a special section with exercises for ESL students

Applications & Software

TOEFL Go! Official App

Practice for TOEFL wherever you go.

New General Service Word List (NGSL) app or New Academic Word List (NAWL) app

  • Free apps using NGSL and NAWL
  • English version - words and definitions in English only
  • Japanese and Thai versions - words in English, instructions in Japanese/Thai
  • download the free app at the App Store or Google Play
  • sign up for a free account
  • search and create vocabulary lists for themes (ex. biology, business)
  • find vocabulary sets created by teachers
  • listen to pronunciation, use flashcards and other practice materials
  • play games
  • Mind mapping tool for brainstorming & organizing ideas
  • Mac OS, iOS & Android
  • many languages supported
  • Kindergarten to Grade 5, but useful for adults
  • over 400 leveled reader e-books
  • listen, read, record
  • available on mobile devices


Online Dictionaries & Apps

Cambridge Learner's Dictionary
  • simple definitions
  • real examples
  • ideal for intermediate learners
  • hear in British and American English

Oxford Learner's Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app for iOS

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app for Android

Oxford Language Terminology - dictionary of words used to talk about grammar and other language aspects